1-1 Counselling Sessions

I work in a Person Centred way, with the belief that you are the person most knowledgeable about your life and your emotional happenings. I believe that each person can work through their distress to find their own unique potential and wellbeing. Given the right conditions YOU have an infinite capacity to heal and grow and I can support and guide you through your process.

It may be scary to talk openly and honestly about your feelings and I want to assure you that whatever you are feeling I will do my best to understand, and will provide a safe space without judgement. I won't tell you what to do but instead will work closely alongside you to help you work it out. Sometimes that might mean just sitting with you in your sadness, fear and distress, just being there with you when you are at your most vulnerable. This approach does not offer quick fixes yet can be incredibly powerful in enabling lasting change. 

Person Centred Creative Arts Therapy

I am a member of APPCA and am a trained Person Centred Creative Arts Counsellor. There is much research with shows that working creatively in a therapy setting can have an enormous benefit to the healing process. You do not have to be an artist to paint and draw an imagine our sessions. I will support and guide you through the process to enable the message of the image to show itself. Please talk to me to find out more.

Outdoor Therapy 

I also offer walk and talk therapy. Walking whilst engaged in therapy may help you to feel like you are moving forward, help you to open your mind and think more clearly. This may enable you to move through blocks and challenges to a place where you can see a range of  possibilities available to you. Nature is a great resource which has always been available to us all which offers us a connection to a greater perspective which is calm and healing. Trees, plants, wild animals, birds, the elements and the cycles of the seasons can all be our guides and teachers; mirroring our feelings and offering us the opportunity to increase our self-awareness and connection to ourselves.

Where are the sessions

Indoor therapy sessions are currently held in a room in Stithians Wellness Hut which is easy to access. 

Outdoor therapy is either in woodland eg Tehidy Park, Kennel Vale, Pendarves, or walking the coastline near Hayle, Helston, and Falmouth You may well have a favourite place in nature where you feel safe and so I am open to suggestions within an 8 mile radius of Redruth.

I can also offer online sessions using Zoom and telephone sessions. 


I work Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

I also have capacity for working on weekends and evenings that may suit your lifestyle better.


I offer short and long term counselling.

Individual - £40 per counselling hour

Student/Low income - £30 per counselling hour. I have 3 spaces that I keep available for concessions. If you are a student or are on a low income please do ask if these are available. If they are not available you may be able to be put on the waiting list.